10 Best Scary Roblox Games 2021 – Must Play

Roblox is a renowned international platform where hundreds of million gamers gather every day to compete in an immersive, user-generated 3D world.

Each player can play mind-blowing games created by any user from around the world and can also develop his own game and share it with other users. The imagination and gameplay experience on Roblox is boundaryless.

best scary roblox games 2021

Roblox was started back in 2007 and currently has over 64 million players per month and establishes 178 million accounts on the platform. It is also downloadable on Android and iOS to play games on tablets, Xbox, PC, and Amazon devices.

Among tens and hundreds of games on Roblox across the platform, scary Roblox games are proven to be the most popular genre due to the sensational experience they provide to gamers. So, if you are searching for the best Roblox horror games, then you’re at the right place.

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Best 10 Best Roblox Scary Games

Following is the list of the top 10 Scariest games and some of their advanced features:

  • Dead Silence
  • The Horror Elevator
  • The Apartment
  • Before The Dawn
  • Alone In a Dark House
  • Roses
  • Nightmare Mine
  • Murder Mystery 2
  • Identity Fraud
  • Light Bulb

So let’s dive in.

1. Dead Silence

It is without a doubt the best thriller game for gamers to enjoy action, violence, and gore. The game offers different types of situations and challenges players to deal with unpredictable odds. The storyline is based on the 2007 American supernatural horror film, Dead Silence.

There are multiple modes within the game. You can play on multiplayer mode and enjoy the game with your friends. This game is a perfect fit for players who like to play story mode games, also the survival mode of this game is ideal for players who like to play such modes.


  • It is a first-person perspective mode or FPP in which players can play with up to 4 players
  • The jump scare rating of this game is 4.0 with total of 15 jump scares including 4 major and 11 minor.

2. The Apartment

It is a very adventurously scary Roblox game. The story line goes with you and your friend needing to escape an apartment building. The spooky game play requires you to go on top of the building and overcome obstacles which come into the path. The graphics of the game are fine and very enjoyable with one friend. The scariest room is 705 in the game play.

In the game play, both players need to escape to the 7th floor by using the map. However, one of the downsides of the game is the slowness of the game script which can take a few extra minutes of your time. Use discord voice chat to enhance your gaming experience.


  • Developers of the game have added first-person detective, adventurous and psychologically horror fastened gameplay with action in the story.
  • The environment of the game keeps changing with switching scenes faster than the player can even imagine.

3. The Horror Elevator

This horror game developer by zMadZeus is very popular on Roblux. The elevator stops at a random floor with each floor having different scary scenarios. During the game, multiple new killers are added to the game which increases player engagement in the game. There are many other side games developer by the game developers.

The Horror elevator is ideal for people who want to enjoy different aspects of the horror games. This game is fun to play on multiplayer mode with dozens of other players.


  • There are 24 floors in the game, the difficulty level keeps increasing as the player advances to the game.
  • There can be a maximum of 10 players at a single time

4. The Mirror

This single-player psychological scary game that is developed to simulate strange-face-in-the-mirror illusions was developed by Egroce. This is a fantastic game that takes familiar Obby Tropes and uniquely flips them every single time. The mirror is without a doubt one of the most popular horror games on Roblux.

The real fun begins when the player dims the lights in the room. You will notice different sounds and noises disturbing the visual. Kids are always warned before playing this game.


  • A player is needed to go through multiple treacherous which are based entirely on considerations that lead to getting new challenges to overcome.
  • The final episode of the game consists of over 1000 lines of code which is the main script extension. It reflects how a player can hide or show the hidden areas of the mirror and manipulate part of its properties.

5. Alone in a Dark House

To investigate a brutal and horrible vehicle murder and to find about the dark secret of a family a private investigator travels to a small town. Alone in the dark house is a really theatrical horror game when it comes to Roblox scary games.

It is a recently launched horror game, and you can see ghastly visuals during the game play. It got very popular in the community. You can get entertained by going through the tale. 


  • It allows up to 20 players to play the game
  • Players are awarded with different badges depending on the difficulty of the game, and most skilled player is awarded with Grandmaster badge.

6. Roses

If you are looking for a scary game to play then Roses is one of the best game which will send you in a scary space within first five minutes of the game. The game is based on a character looking for his friend in an asylum. The game will just cost 25 Robux and will dive you to layers upon layers in the madness.


  • The game is based on first person mode which will give you the feel as if you are inside in reality in an abandoned asylum.
  • The game will sharpen your mind because you have to investigate each and every even and sound to investigate the case.

7. Nightmare Mine

If you love the zombie games, then you should probably try this one. Nightmare Mine will allow you to stop the zombies from spreading and infecting the city. In the game you will face zombies at every turn and it will be your duty to stop them.

The Plot of the game is very simple in the start where you are a miner with some others who turned into a zombie and wants to eat your brain. The story continues and turn into a remarkable Roblox adventure-action game.


  • The game will surely sharpen your reaction timing as the man-eating monster will drop from the sky on every step and you have to escape them to survive.
  • Also, the game will enhance the capabilities of your mind as there as always some new puzzles on every stage of the game which you have to solve to progress.

8. Murder Mystery 2

This game is quite like the Among Us but with more sequels. You have the option to choose your character from 3 option including Sheriff, an innocent person, or a murderer. If you are playing as the murderer you have to murder an innocent person and then run from the sheriff. Same goes for the sheriff character, you have to save the innocent person and if he is killed then you have to catch the murderer.


  • The game can be played by 12 players.
  • The game allows you to use your brain as you have to doubt every player to judge who the murderer is and to catch it.

9. Identity Fraud

Identity Fraud is a puzzled base Roblox game that will scare the living crap out of you. The game has 3 different levels which you can play. At every level, your main objective is to solve the puzzle and get to the end of the maze where you will face different monsters.

To defeat each and every monster, you have to use different methods and techniques. These bosses can overwhelm you and could probably force you to quit the game.


  • The game is fast-paced and will not get you bored.
  • It will sharpen your brain, as you have to solve the puzzles to win this game.
  • The game can be played by many players with the objective to defeat the boss.

10. Light Bulb

This game will scare you to the depths if you are afraid of the dark. The game is based on the dark vs light theme where you just have to run and turn on the lights to ensure your safety.

However, the game isn’t as easy as it sound because the creature following you will figure out what you are trying to do with him and will use different methods to attack you.


  • The game has 2 different modes which you can select. These modes include Speed Mode and Level Mode.
  • Also, you can adjust the difficulty of this game from Easy, Medium, to Hard Level. The game is easy to learn but it will take more concentration and determination to master this game.
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