Hello my media friends and young girls!!!! My name is Ashley Thomas and I am a top ranked actress in the country. The basic identity of me is films but occasionally I do some TV plays and modelling for top brands.  My current age is almost 38 and I wish to share my life story and my experience with MyProtein which offers 50% Off MyProtein Discount Codes for Students on all their variety of products, specially made for fitness and sports loving people. The brand is the world’s largest On-line Nutrition Brand, which is only a click away for you to get smart.

Today the life in this world is very busy and hectic and it is very difficult to do the Gym regularly and maintain fitness and body muscles. To maintain your physical appearance and fitness, and if you are not managing you time with the Gym activities, the best alternate is to have some protein and vitamins supplements. Few years back, it was difficult to get the best out of the offered supplements in the market, but now there is a reputable option available for all of us by the name of MyProtein. In Europe No. 1 sports nutrition brand which is offering more than 2000 products at the best prices with an additional attraction of free delivery around UK.

How Myprotein promo code convinced me to buy this product

My parents are both Engineer by profession and they got married after two years of affair during their university life. I being the only daughter of them and brought up with extra care and love which makes me a stubborn child.  Whatever I wish to have is listened and followed by my parents. From the childhood, I feel myself as a Queen and always be in a dream of being a star of the world.  During my school days, I was always selected for leading role due to my attractive and beautiful personality. This initial appreciation makes me more proud as I took the appreciation as granted. In my University, I was also known as the Beauty Queen, which also increase my passion of being a film star. During that time I have learnt about Myprotein discount codes and shortly after I found some Myprotein discount code Reddit 45% Off for students which were the best source for me to get fresh protein at a decent rate.

Once the studies are over, I take admission in the National Arts School to refine my acting qualities. I was interviewed and based on my look and performance, got admitted in the Arts School for one year acting and modelling course. In between the year, I was offered quite a few advertisements and dramas, but I refused, as I want to enter the industry as a perfectionist.

After the certification, I got an offer from an Advertising Agency and did my first advertisement at the age of 21. My appearance in the modelling industry was noticed by everyone and I got a series of offers from different agencies for more ads and promos. However, I wanted to do a big job than an advertisement. I rather prefer to sit and home and wait for any offer for a good film for two months.  After a long search in between the market competitors, I was impressed with MyProtein” Vitamins and Proteins which is offering more than 2000 products including a range of dietary needs which includes vegetarian, vegan, dairy-free and gluten-free, so that we can enjoy the benefit of high quality nutrition, with a discounted offer of 50% Off with MyProtein Discount Code.

One fine day, I got a call from my Academy Teacher for a leading role in a film of a renowned Director. I immediately went to him, and he took me to the Director and arrange signing of the agreement. This was an all action film based on the life of an Army man and the heroine role is secondary, but I agree to it as the cast of the film based on all stars and big names of the industry. Plus the package offered to me is very attractive and I feel myself lucky to get a chance with this huge brand.

It took a year to release the film and on the premier of the film, I was appreciated by all the industry Directors, Producers and Actors, as I was the only new actress in the film and perform well between the big brands. It was a game changer for me and I got offers from at least 06 Directors, who are all well renowned for their classic work.

I accept their offers without hesitation, as I don’t want to miss any chance at this stage. The only burden I had to bear is that I have to leave my parents’ house and shifted to an Apartment, as it suits me to stay nearer to the Studios. My parents wanted me to stay with them, but for my better future, they thankfully allowed me to stay separately.

These next five years from the age of 21 to 26, I worked very hard in all my assignments and accepted as a Top Heroine in the industry. I also got two National Awards for my performances which revealed me that the industry is full of jealousy and if I want to stay in the industry, I should be more bureaucratic towards all. I was a star and I am now demanding the packages and films on my terms. But the load of work does not allow me to continue my gym and I put some wait and slightly lost my fitness. After reaching the age of 28, I felt that I should have some protein and vitamin supplements to minimize the aging process and promote longevity. My age is growing but like all other stars, I wanted to look younger than anybody. 

It was a concern and annoying period for me and on the advice of one of my Director, I start searching for good supplements which can provide me vitamins and proteins and secure freshness on my face and body.

I immediately and excitingly opened my machine and reviewed MyProtein Page and get registered. The registration process was so simple and user friendly that anybody can go and shop from there. I also joined the MyProtein community page for everyday nutrition tips, gym tricks and access to the best sports nutrition products available on the website and make it habit to review the links daily.

The regular use of the proteins and vitamins and cautious diet plan, within six months I can feel the freshness and smartness in my body and I come up with more attractive figure. I am now 38 and still looks hot and appealing to the opposite sex and one of the main cause of this is MyProtein Supplements.

Thank you MyProtein for extending my career until now at the age of 38 and I strongly recommend all my fellow media colleague and girls to visit MyProtein and avail MyProtein Discount Code and get fresh, attractive, energetic and hot.

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