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My parents are both Engineer by profession and they got married after two years of affair during their university life. I being the only daughter of them and brought up with extra care and love which makes me a stubborn child.  Whatever I wish to have is listened and followed by my parents. From the childhood, I feel myself as a Queen and always be in a dream of being a star of the world.  During my school days, I was always selected for leading role due to my attractive and beautiful personality. This initial appreciation makes me more proud as I took the appreciation as granted. In my University, I was also known as the Beauty Queen, which also increase my passion of being a film star. During that time I have learnt about Myprotein discount codes and shortly after I found some Myprotein discount code Reddit 45% Off for students which were the best source for me to get fresh protein at a decent rate.

Once the studies are over, I take admission in the National Arts School to refine my acting qualities. I was interviewed and based on my look and performance, got admitted in the Arts School for one year acting and modelling course. In between the year, I was offered quite a few advertisements and dramas, but I refused, as I want to enter the industry as a perfectionist.